Dalewares Institute of Technology (DIT) is a licensed and accredited Tertiary Institution in Nigeria established in 2007 by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) in Nigeria and  under the regulatory authority of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Kaduna. Dalewares Institute is an outcome of the Tertiary Education Reform (TER) initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Education in 2007. This is as a result of a major change in policy direction in the Tertiary education sector by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The government having come full circle realized that in order to transform the Nigeria economy through industrialization, private sector participation in specialized areas in the tertiary education can no longer be ignored for manpower development and transformation of the Nigerian citizen in various endeavors especially in entrepreneurial skills and development.
The Federal Ministry of Education under the then Hon Minister of Education Dr. Obi Ezekwesili (former Vice President of the World Bank) came up with a new category in the tertiary education sector amongst others,The Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEI) an arm of the Tertiary Education sector in Nigeria to initially award National Diploma(ND) and subsequently Higher National Diploma(HND). Having same accreditation status with polytechnics in Nigeria but innovative and dynamic in curriculum development and delivery.

IEI`s were set up among other reasons to:
 1. Originate and submit  innovative, industry focused curriculum for accreditation by the NBTE
 2. Enhance employability of graduates, 

 3. Produce today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.
 4. Increase access to Tertiary Education
 5. Enhance and increase global competitiveness of our graduates.
 6. Produce graduate that will serve as catalyst to education reform and economic development by    providing the much needed skills and creating a bridge to the labour market.
 7. To spearhead the Digital industrial revolution in Nigeria.

Dalewares Institute of Technology (DIT) an Innovation Enterprise Institution (IEI), commenced academic work in 2009 and offers a post-secondary education programs leading to the award of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND)

The graduates of Dalewares Institute of Technology have industry entry level employment skills to function as technologists and professionals depending on the level of educational attainment i.e.  ND (National Diploma) or HND (Higher National Diploma) in their fields of specialization.

Dalewares Institute of Technology offers  National Diploma programs that  run for 2 years post-secondary school of 4 semesters for Full –Time students and 6 semesters for Part Time students. A three months SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) is mandatory in between the first academic year (of two semesters) and the second academic year (of another two semesters) after which an award of National Diploma ND is given.

Students undergo one year Industrial Training (IT) after the ND and before they can progress into HND. This however is not required for direct entry to any university of their choice.

Dalewares Institute of Technology is involved in applied research, design and development of innovative curriculum/ program that meets current and future needs of industry as well as adding value to the accrediting body`s,(the National Board for Technical Education NBTE) minimum benchmark.

Dalewares Institute of Technology designs program that reflects industry needs, technological trends and global best practices.

The primary objective of Dalewares Institute of Technology is training and development, skill impartation, breeding professionals through creativity, innovation and technology in education delivery.
Dalewares Institute of Technology is capable of delivering this mandate through Multi-sector training in ICT, Engineering, Creative Arts, Multimedia, Finance, management studies and Engineering


In furtherance of her vision of internationalisation and improving  education delivery standards to her students, Dalewares Institute of Tecnology (DIT) partnered with NCC EDUCATION UK ( Awarding Great British Qualifications) to offer her full degree parthways which provides the opportunity of an affordable route for students to obtain a foreign university degree starting right from their home country.

Graduates from this programme can attend their respective university graduation ceremony in the respective universities after completing their programme in Nigeria.

This indeed is an entry route to UK and international university courses for students who want to travel abroad to obtain a university degree. NCC EDUCATION provides progression routes to 70 universities in the UK, Republic of Ireland,Canada,USA, and Australia.

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