Dalewares Institute of Technology is driven by the passion for our nation`s development and is hinged on the depth and quality of knowledge that its citizens have. Educational institutions at all levels are established primarily to disseminate knowledge to its citizenry.  Today’s ICT  has in no small measure made the flow of educational information dissemination a lot easier than what is used to be some 30 years ago. This technology has made the spread and management of knowledge to take an astronomic dimension and also enhanced globalization. Economic development, a major event in globalization, requires the participation of everyone thus making DIT’S contribution in education, training, science and technology, research and development our sole pre occupation.

This explains why we embarked on a path to constantly modernize the institution by making vast investments in curriculum development and the infrastructure. The diversification of curricula to meet internationally acceptable standards for new and higher qualification reflects our commitment at DIT to national development. Our resolve is to pursue a state of the art environment for new and innovative ways of teaching and learning, research and service delivery.

DIT is your gateway to opportunities of the future for all students and staff, I encourage you therefore to seize the opportunity and make the best of it.
Thank you.


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